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Create a new Shuffl Channel
Create a new Shuffl Channel

How to add more shuffls!

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As a Shuffl Pro Admin, you are able to create multiple Shuffl channels.

Each Shuffl channel can have its own settings including, group size, Smart Shuffl strategy, and schedule.

Note - Admin Permissions

You have to be a Shuffl Admin in order to create new channels. If you require admin access, request it from any of your existing Shuffl Admins!

Creating a new Shuffl Channel

  • First, go to the Shuffl's App Home Tab

  • As a Shuffl Pro Admin, you will see a button that says "⚡ New Channel"

  • Once you click the "⚡ New Channel" button you will be prompted with a modal.

New Slack Channel

  • Here you will be able to create a new Slack Channel by providing the name in the input form.

  • We will automatically set up the channel with the default Shuffl settings. You can change these settings later on the Shuffl Portal channels page.

Existing Slack Channel

  • If you would like to use an existing Slack Channel because you have members that are already in the channel then click on the checkbox that says "Prefer to use an existing channel?"

  • Here you can select an existing channel from the channel dropdown menu.

Once you have created the new channel or added Shuffl to an existing channel, you will receive an ephemeral message from Shuffl within that Slack Channel. If you have not added any members to the channel yet, it will prompt you to do so.

Once you have added at least 1 other member to the channel then you will have finished onboarding Shuffl to that Slack Channel. You should now see the following message:

Changing Default Settings

You can view your Shuffl Channels in Shuffl's App Home Tab, or in the Shuffl Portal.

Promotional Messaging

Once you have created your channel we recommended sharing the following promotional messaging with your team to help get them started with Shuffl.

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