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Granting Privileges and Roles

How to add new Shuffl Admins!

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Shuffl Program Champions can manage the creation of shuffl channels effectively by ensuring only those features are restricted to those granted permission.

Privileges for Shuffl Channel Creation, Management, and billing are tied to specific roles to the Shuffl account: User, Shuffl Admin, and Shuffl Super-Admin.

We make the process secure and seamless to ensure effective self-service without needing to reach out to us! Find the Members tab easily within the Program Portal.

Take the process of two existing Super Admins (myself as Matthew) wanting to add a new team member to my Shuffl Admin team (Jesse).

Once there, click the "Add Admin" button at the top and find the next page to enter the email account of the new Admin you'd like to grant access to (has to be present within your Slack workspace).

Grant the role that corresponds to the level of access and permissions between Admin or Super Admin and click the "Add Admin" button.


  • Shuffl Admins: Have the ability to add other Admins, create and manage Shuffl channel settings. Admins can grant permissions to new Admins only.

  • Shuffl Super Admins: Super Admins can perform all abilities granted to Admins and manage Billing settings. Super Admins can grant permissions to both Super Admins and Admins.

Note: Shuffl Super Admins have full privileges and control on the Shuffl account.

Please contact if you have any issues. Thank you!

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