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Your First Shuffl - What to expect
Your First Shuffl - What to expect

Getting started with Shuffl

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Welcome and congratulations on joining Shuffl! πŸŽ‰

Here we will go over some of the basics of Shufflin' πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ


  • Shuffl will help you get set up by automatically creating a Slack channel called #shuffl-meetups.

  • This channel will be set up with some default settings that we recommend as best practices. Feel free to change these later in the Shuffl Portal

  • Once you have added one other person to the #shuffl-meetups channel you are all ready for your first shuffl! πŸŽ‰

  • Once you are onboarded we recommended sharing the following promotional messaging with your team to help get them started with Shuffl.

Shuffl Time πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

Let's walk through what occurs on the day and time the shuffl is scheduled for.

  • Shuffl will check all the members that are in the Shuffl Channel, in this case, #shuffl-meeups

  • It will then check to see if anyone has Opted-Out via the Slack App Home Tab

  • Once we have a list of all the members to Shuffl, we will perform our AI-driven Smart Shuffl algorithm to create groups of members ✨

  • NOTE: If you are on our Free (Shuffl Community) plan you will be shuffl'd using a random sort algorithm. Please upgrade to Shuffl Pro to start using our Smart Shuffl algorithms

  • Once Shuffl has finished you will receive a message in the #shuffl-meetups channel letting everyone know a shuffl has just occurred, as well as the time the next shuffl will go off.

  • Shuffl will then introduce all the members that have been shuffled in individual private group messages. This is where the team members will share their stories and interests with each other to start creating new connections.

  • Voila! πŸŽ‰ You have just completed your first shuffl!


Now that you have completed your first shuffl, you will be able to start seeing metrics show up on the Channel details page in Shuffl Portal. This will help you keep track of the health of the program over time. You will also be able to see your Pairing Reports for each shuffl on that page.


We have an automatic billing setup based on member usage. You can view your billing settings as well as Usage Reports on the Billing page of Shuffl Portal.

Click here to learn more about billing.

Learn More

Feel free to read more about what you can do with Shuffl on our Learning Hub. The following links should help get you started.

  • Smart Shuffl - Learn more about fun and smart ways you can Shuffl your team members together.

  • Best Practices - We have put together some best practices to help you set up your Slack Workspace with Shuffl best practices.

  • Slack App Home Tab - Shuffl has native integration into Slack so you can manage some of the Shuffl settings directly within Slack.

  • Change Channel Settings - Here you can learn how to change the default channel settings.

  • Creating new Channels - Learn how to create new Shuffl Channels to do more Shufflin'.

  • Shuffl Portal - Here you can manage all your Shuffl settings as well as view the health of the program.

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