What is Shuffl's pricing model?

Learn how to shuffl for free and pay for what you use

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Shuffl up to 50 users in pairs or groups with Shuffl Community.

For bigger teams, unlimited shuffls, and smarter shuffls, we have Shuffl Pro.

​Shuffl Pro's price is usage-based by tiers and works like your phone bill. Simplified pricing; pay for what you use. We count the unique users shuffl'd in your Slack workspace in the billed month. A user can shuffl as many times as they'd like.

​Example: RocketCorp has 500 team members in their Slack workspace. Shuffl is set up in two channels and shuffls 195 unique people in both channels during June. People can shuffl as many times and are counted once in the billing period.

At the end of May, the Shuffl Admin will receive an invoice at the "200 User" tier, which captures usage for 101 - 200 unique users.

# of Unique Monthly Users Shuffl'd

Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing

1 - 50



51 - 100



101 - 200



201 - 300



301 - 400



401 - 500



501 - 750



751 - 1,000



1,001 - 1,250+

+ $750 for each extra 250 users

$3,438/mo. + $688 for each extra 250 users

​Shuffl's usage numbers can be monitored within Shuffl Portal. Stripe, our third-party payment processor, will automatically send invoices via email with usage details for the respective billing period.

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