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Shuffl Program Portal

Powerful controls and visibility for your Shuffl Program

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Visit Shuffl Portal as linked here!

For all Shuffl Champions (Shuffl Admins), find a wealth of settings and data available within Shuffl Portal to help run and manage your Shuffl Program.

Currently featuring:

  • Channels Overview - shuffl schedule and details in a glance

  • Members Manager - add and remove shuffl admins with multiple levels of permissions (RBAC)

  • Billing - upgrade to Pro, review usage in reports, billing invoices, and payment information

With every individual Shuffl Channel, find deep control and visibility into:

  • Channel Overview - schedule, metrics and history in a glance

  • Smart Shuffl - select your smart shuffl algorithm

  • Schedule - control the shuffl schedule fully from timezone to the minute

  • Shuffl History - view of all shuffls ran with group reports of matches

  • Members - view stats of channel members and manage their opt status

  • Group Settings - control the shuffl group size and custom intro message

Shuffl Overview

Shuffl History

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