Shuffl Bios and Intros

Share your story with your new group with Shuffl Bios!

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Sharing stories go back to the beginning of time.

πŸ’¬ They communicate our values and reflect how we form connections naturally!

⚑️ Stories capture things we have in common or what we're curious about.

πŸ“ Shuffl Bios helps share your story to everyone in your new Shuffl group!

🧊 Instantly and naturally form icebreakers before getting together for your activity.

✨ Once set, it magically accompanies every intro at shuffl time: voilà!


If you prefer to toggle Bios and Intros off, instructions are at the end of this article.


Feature Demo

I am logged in as Matthew:

πŸŽ‰ It's shuffl time! A new group DM appears! Clicking into it, I've been shuffl'd with Lauren, Chris, and Leslie. Instantly, I can read their bios and get to know them.

This helps personalize the experience and introduces a little familiarity before we meet on a video call or get together for an activity. Brilliant!

If it is my first-time shufflin' or if I haven't set my Bio yet, Shuffl will send a contextual private message!

Clicking "Setup your Shuffl Bio" opens a new window. Now, I can fill out my bio and it'll be ready for the next shuffl!

Shuffl Bios is an easy, fun and smart way to get to know each other by sharing stories with every new shuffl group.

Want to make an edit to your Bio? Not a problem.

Editing your Shuffl Bio

Three easy ways to edit Shuffl Bio:

  • When you join a Shuffl Channel and you haven't set up your Shuffl Bio yet, Shuffl will send you a private message to Setup your Shuffl Bio.

  • When you get shuffl'd into a group and you haven't set up your Shuffl Bio yet, Shuffl will send you a private message to Setup your Shuffl Bio

  • You can also set up or edit your Shuffl Bio any time in the Slack App Home Tab

  • πŸ’¬ Pronouns - What is this?

  • πŸ’» Title - Your organizational title

  • πŸ“ Location - Help others know where you are physically located in the world

  • πŸ‘‹ Intro - A short free-form blurb about yourself

  • 🎨 Interests - Choose up to 3 interests to share with others

Toggling Shuffl Bios and Intros

Prefer the old shuffl experience? Not a worry! Find that setting within Shuffl Portal for the channel under the Group Settings tab:

Promotional Messaging

Optionally, please find the promotional messaging to share with your team in the channel to get started with Shuffl Bios and Intros!

"Hi everyone. Shuffl has released a new feature called Shuffl Bios! On our next shuffl, new group chats will share people's short bio. These are designed to help introing ourselves and a fun icebreaker before we meet. Please set it up at the App Home Tab of Shuffl, which will be linked below. They also shared this learning article if you want to learn more:"
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