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From the Shuffl team, we wish everyone a very happy holidays!

Shuffl Dec Release

We are excited to share this month’s product updates (Shuffl v2.2). We’re delighted to have wonderful customers who’ve given us incredible feedback. We’ve designed these features with your requests in mind and trust they will bring joy!

This month's updates feature deeper analytics (+usage reports) and more Smart Shuffl use cases! These smart shuffl strategies below are available today for Shuffl Pro customers. We will share the comprehensive changelog of the release shortly.

Smart Shuffl

Shuffl Strategies: We are excited to release new smart shuffl strategies that go beyond random sorting to result in better matching and meaningful connections.

Our current smart shuffl strategies include:

  • New Match Shuffl: We use the member’s match history to significantly ensure future shuffls will have new matches.

  • Leadership Shuffl: Every leader gets their own group matched with new staff every month. With this, leaders nurture culture with ease in a closer setting. Staff loves the serendipitous chance of meeting a new executive monthly.

  • Leader/CEO Lottery: Run a CEO lottery every week, or your desired cadence where a lucky winner will be shuffl’d with the leader. This smart shuffl is fully customizable, including having more than one leader, such as the group of Founders or C-Staff, and even the number of winners can be adjusted (up to 7 winners, if desired!)

  • Cross-Department Shuffl: Mix a smaller department with a larger one! For example, interested in shufflin’ a group of marketers to the broader sales team to spark creative outbound collaboration efforts? Learn more about the Cross-Department Shuffl.

Self-service toggling of smart shuffl strategies will be available shortly within Shuffl Portal. Until then, contact and we’d love to share best practices on setting these up.

Shuffl Portal

Billing Page: Significant enhancements to our Billing page, accessible for Shuffl Super Admins.

  • Dynamic Usage Reports: Find downloadable usage reports that detail team members shufflin’ activity during the billing period! With every Shuffl, these usage reports will get updated with the latest metrics.

  • Usage Reports: These CSV reports contain team member information (email and timezone), the number of shuffls during the period and their last shuffl date.

  • Billing Period Invoices: Closed invoices will include the respective final usage reports.

  • Account Information: Review primary contact and billing details in one convenient spot.

  • Detailed Pairing Reports: Available by request to and scheduled to be self-service by Admins in the next product release.

Shuffl Channel Management

  • Frequency settings for Shuffl schedules: We added ‘Every 4 weeks’, ‘Every 5 weeks’, ‘Every 6 weeks, ‘Start of the month’, and ‘End of the month’ for greater control of the schedule.

  • Custom Intro Message: We completed enhancements to the interaction and default content.

Shuffl bot communication: reduced in-channel messages triggered by non-schedule updates when changes are made by Admins in Shuffl Portal.

Any questions? Contact

We look forward to continue shufflin’ together next year,

The Shuffl Team

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