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Custom Intro Message for Groups
Custom Intro Message for Groups

Send instructions, icebreakers or links for all new shuffl groups!

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Interested in customizing your shuffl experience even further? Try the "Custom Intro Message" feature for groups, available as a setting within Shuffl Program Portal in the Shuffl Channel you'd like to setup.

Our customers use this in a variety of ways:

  • Provide context to the shuffl program or a message from leadership

  • Setup icebreakers for the group

  • Instructions for their get together activity (in-person or virtual!)

  • Sharing content like articles, blogs, or internal assets for those shufflin' to read before meeting

We have customer teams using this in a variety of fun ways, including sharing games. Their creativity knows no limits!

For icebreakers, the above screenshot shows an example of setting up 4 options as choices. This can be updated to only show one, and changed weekly manually, or label them accordingly with dates so team members know which ones to do!

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