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What is "Smart Shuffl"?

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Smart Shuffl is technology that drives our AI-powered platform to help our customers enjoy shufflin' in fun and smart ways.

Created to shuffl people together and solving for grouping people in creative ways to spark meaningful connections. Designed in mind to support intentional use cases that go beyond random sorting algorithms.

Our shuffl algorithms drive our personalized connections platform with a focus on supporting essential business functions and removing the complexities of manual and random shufflin'.

As these Shuffl Solutions are automated and retain new group compositions for the set use case, HR leaders trust them to run their programs at scale. Full management of these shuffls are available all within Shuffl Program Portal.

Currently, our Shuffl Solutions (fully featured with Shuffl Pro) include New Match Shuffl, New Hire Socials, Cross-Team Collaboration, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Leadership Shuffl. Connect with us at to learn more!

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