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How does Shuffl Work?

The shufflin' process, step by step!

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In the Slack channel that Shuffl is in, at the set time and day, we will shuffl together all opted-in team members into new groups via Direct Messages!

So, if there are 30 team members in the Slack channel and 3-person groups are set, Shuffl will create 10 groups of 3 team members in each at shuffl time. Automatically, a new notification will appear in Slack, and everyone will meet their new groups.

With Bios and Intros, people can read a little bit about who they are matched up with before getting together for an activity. Most opt for a virtual call these days, and as safety protocols in your local region allow, teams are also meeting up for safe and distanced in-person coffees!

Shuffls are automatic and will keep to its set schedule, so never worry about needing to set up the next one.

Happy shufflin'! πŸŽ‰

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