Single Sign-On with Slack
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Shuffl automatically inherits your Slack workspace authentication settings, such as SSO or 2FA.

There are 2 paths you can take when signing in with Slack OAuth. The path first path is when you initially add Shuffl to your Slack Workspace. This requests extra scopes in order for the Shuffl Bot to do its work!

The login page at shows both Add to Slack and Sign in with Slack

  • Add to Slack will redirect you to Slack's OAuth page and request the following scopes

  • Sign in with Slack will also redirect you to the OAuth page but it will request fewer scopes. This is because once you have added Shuffl to the Slack workspace you no longer need to update the global bot scopes.

  • This flow also allows non-shuffl admin's a way to sign in without having to add Shuffl to their Slack Workspace

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